Financial Planning & Investment Management Services

Abraxas GAM has been managing the wealth of individuals and their families since 1979. The foundations of our firm are built on the provision of unparalleled services as we provide access to a global network of investment solutions that are typically reserved for sophisticated investors and institutions alike.

Beyond the scope of what may be deemed traditional investment management, our capabilities and access to alternative forms of investment have captured a growing segment of investors, whom, in search of value enhanced returns, have chosen to explore opportunities that present a different return profile than are more commonly available throughout the plethora of brokerages and investment houses.

Client Centric Approach

The success of our clients, and that of our firm, is driven by an unprecedented ability to present our capabilities and to consistently deliver upon the expectations we provide to each client under our care. In a world where interest rates remain frozen at all time lows, yet equity valuations continue to soar beyond all time highs, we believe in providing an investment experience that prioritizes the delivery returns on an absolute basis.

This means, that in consideration of the unique investment profile each of each client, we are able to provide a detailed level of expectation by which our performance as a financial manager is ultimately judged. In meeting these predefined expectations, each client has the ability to benchmark the performance of his or her portfolio against a series of measures that highlight the periodic progress of any given strategy.

We believe that in light of how financial markets have behaved since the turn of the century, investor confidence remains in decline as misconduct and irresponsible practices seemingly jeopardize the long-term security of investor capital. By adhering to an investment philosophy driven by the delivery of absolute returns, our clients remain comfortable in the knowledge that their assets are invested responsibly and remain less exposed to the effects of market volatility.

Our Commitment

Abraxas GAM is committed to providing investment opportunities and financial management services of the highest standard, through a diligent approach to managing the responsibility our client bestow to us.

Our Commitment

For Private Investors & Families

Our mission is to proactively consider each client's preferences and objectives as we engage in both economic and social development through our value driven investment philosophy.

We believe that by combining this approach with a long-term perspective on the economic environment, that the expectations of our client base are consistently met irrespective of market conditions.

Services we offer;