Discretionary and Advisory mandates

Dependent on the type of solution you seek or the level of involvement you wish to take on the decision making process, we provide a number of mandates to suit your needs.

For those who are busy with their personal and professional lives, or simply lack the expertise required to maximise their financial potential, our Discretionary wealth solutions are actively managed in line with a unique investment profile (UIP) applied to each client, their expectations and their circumstances. The UIP essentially dictates how investment strategies are implemented and executes, as well as setting out important fundamentals such as time horizon, risk tolerance and return expectations. Choosing a Discretionary mandate provides you with comfort in the knowledge that your assets are being actively management in accordance with your wishes.

Advisory mandates are developed with the sophisticated investor in mind as client and advisory work closely to make improvements to existing wealth strategies and to consider the impact of market conditions while making necessary alternations in line with predefined philosophies. Clients opting for an advisor solution benefit from our in-house research as well as being provided with access to our global network of opportunity.